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What is Yin?

Yin is known as the Yoga for “Flexibility”. Other styles of yoga target the muscles and help with strength and mobility. Yin is very grounding and sometimes referred to as “Earth Yoga”, because all of the postures are done close to the earth while practicing stillness and awareness without judgement, called “Mindfulness”. Yin Yoga concentrates on the hips, low back and sacrum. It helps bring balance to  busy, fast paced life by training us to SLOW DOWN & LET GO. By holding the postures while relaxing the muscles, the stretch reaches deep into the connective tissue of the body. Yin Yoga targets the joints where the bones are connected by ligaments. Ligaments are super strong, dry, plastic tissue. Therefore, it is necessary to hold each posture for a minimum of three minutes in order to create any change. Many things may occur during this holding; emotions rise up, memories appear, thoughts stream in, sensations get stronger. By not reacting to these things we are given an opportunity to cultivate deep inner peace, concentration and a deeper connection to our true nature. After practicing Yin Yoga it is not out of the ordinary to feel deeply relaxed and energized all at once. With continuous practice it’s common to experience better sleep, less auto pilot reactions, and more ease in normal stressful situations in life. Yin is becoming one of the most popular styles of yoga taught in the West. The reasons will be clear once you try it for yourself!

“Thank you so very much for an inspiring weekend of learning. It was such a wonderful experience.

I can’t say enough about what a great experience I had doing Yin Teacher Training with Lynne. Lynne’s teacher training program reflects her vast knowledge of not only yoga, but also meditation and spirituality. She creates a space that is welcoming and safe for people with varying levels of experience. It was fun and she fostered a sense of community within our group.  I left feeling energized, enthusiastic and well-prepared.  I  look forward to attending more trainings in the future.” -Ginny Waller

Read What Students are Saying

January 24, 2015 Lynne is a teacher who really gives her all every class to every student. Donna F.

January 24, 2015 Having Lynne as my yoga instructor has expanded my yoga practice and experience. For sixteen weeks every Tuesday evening I benefited from her mindful and focused instruction. She helped bring me to a more advanced place on my yoga mat. Thank you Lynne! Janice D.

Lynne has inspired me to take my yoga practice to higher levels. Because of her encouragement, I pushed myself to my edge…stuck it out…put my mind on my breath and on personal growth. What you think about, you bring about. Lynne’s enthusiasm after all these years will get your attention. She will take you to the next level.
~Namaste~ Denise B.

January 21, 2015 Lynne is one of my all time favorite teachers! She is always inspiring & freshly on-point! She’s authentic, devoted & cool! Soul-sister!  Lisa T.

“In the summer of this year  I was playing tennis three times each week and walking 2-3 miles a day about 4 days a week. Then something changed. I was so stiff in my hip joints that I could hardly move to play tennis or walk with my friends.  My legs felt like two stumps. Eventually I started taking ibuprofen several days a week just to help with the pain. I went to an Integrative Medicine session to see if I was eating something or having an autoimmune reaction to something that was causing this change to no avail. I thought I would have to give up tennis and cardio exercise forever. Then one day I stumbled upon Lynne’s Yin yoga classes offered each week at a local studio and decided to tried it out, not expecting any particular result.  I was astonished at the improvement. My hip pain decreased as my flexibility improved. I am only able to attend one day a week, but even at just that, I have not taken an oral analgesic for over a month now and can run on the tennis court without pain or flexibility issues. I consider this amazing. I am so grateful to have found Lynne’s class and what I believe is the secret for me to exercise at my age. (60)” R.S.

“Lynne’s Yin class has been transformative for me.  Under Lynne’s expert instruction, my body is gradually unlocking and years of misuse, injury, and trauma are set free.  Yin is an intense experience, not for the feint of heart, but the rewards of exploring Yin with Lynne transcend the brief hour devoted to this practice.  Life is frantic and harried and stressful: Yin with Lynne is the counter-pose to my crazy world.  Thanks, Lynne!”

Patty Mullen

Canton, MI

Want To Learn to Teach Yin with Lynne?

Please join Lynne for a weekend of transformation and education steeped in the ancient traditions of Yin Yoga.

Namaste – I fell in love with Yin after returning home from India where I studied Osho’s active meditations for a month at his Ashram in Pune. I wanted to share what I had learned. But after a couple of attempts I realized how hard it was for students to sit on the floor to meditate because their lower bodies were so tight. That’s when Yin appeared in my life. That was 2008 and I’m still learning, teaching and loving Yin more than ever! It would be my honor to share my passion for Yin with you. Please look at the testimonials written by students who have taken the training. And let me know how I can help bring Yin into your life!

With Love & Light~ Lynne

I recently had the pleasure of attending Yin Yoga Teacher Training with Lynne.   It was an amazing experience!  I am an RYT200 and was familiar with Yin although I was never comfortable teaching it.  After Lynne’s  training, I am ready to teach Yin Yoga!  The information she presented was comprehensive and there was plenty of hands on.   Lynne made sure she answered all of our questions, she explained and demonstrated all of the poses.    I finished the training feeling knowledgeable and confident. It was a wonderful weekend, thank you Lynne!”

Read What Teachers are Saying

I have been certified for a couple of months and thought I should let you know your Yin Yoga weekend teacher training is very beneficial to my personal practice and the classes I lead at my local seniors center.

Your class was demanding in a good way. Very glad I did my required reading and reviewed the readings prior to the training.

Your teaching style was an excellent fit for me. Well organized, genuine and cheerful just perfect for learning. Kind and direct with your instructions. Lots of hands on learning. You taught in such way that I am able to explain and demonstrate Yin yoga with confidence and as with all styles of yoga continue to learn.

There is no doubt in my mind that I would recommend you and your teachings to anyone who is interested in becoming Yin Yoga certified. You are a wonderful person and teacher.

I am genuinely appreciative of your efforts and am honored to have had the opportunity to learn from you as you are a great teacher.

Peace from a sister in yoga, Maryann Roberts

When an instructor, teaches from the heart, the student learns from the heart. This has to be the quintessential of a learning experience. Very few teachers will persevere with this kind of energy.

Lynne Baum has a very deep personally rooted, time experienced and well traveled position in the Yin Yoga world and she stops at no boundaries to share this with her students.

January 2015 Graduate, Pavel Bednarski, RYT

What an inspiration and profound teaching! My expectations were well met – intense practice for each of us teachers balanced with great fundamental knowledge. And – I am humbled by releasing “ something old ”, that’s what I needed to experience myself in order to teach it – the intensity of this powerful healing work.
Thanks Lynne, this was outstanding!
Greetings, Claudia

Yin with Lynne’s 20 hour training was the best money I have ever spent.

Lynne’s passion and love shows in her generosity to share her knowledge over and over. Her teaching style is honest and real. Lynne’s  training is far above the ordinary.   While working in a small group you still feel your being taught privately.  I would highly recommend this training to everyone. I look forward to further training with the Queen of Yin!

Jan. 2016 Graduate,Caroline Holmes

Love It Yoga, Ontario, Canada 

If you have the chance to take this class, then do it!  Lynne is a wonderful and engaging teacher.  For me, taking Lynne’s Yin Yoga Teacher training class has been a life changing experience.  Not only has it taught me a different perspective on Yin Yoga, but it has also showed me how to help my students even more with the postures themselves.  I only wish it could have gone on longer than 20 hours.

Rae – Feb. 2016 graduate

I’m professionally and personally grateful for what I learned in Lynne’s Yin teacher training. Now I am confidant I can lead students in a yin practice which will help them ease tight connective tissue and release tension.  I can also use what I learned to guide my own practice, too. During training I was able to relax my hip flexors so that I was able to sleep flat on my back for the first time.

– Anita Sept. 2015 YYTT

I have been practicing Yin yoga for about three years and have been a regular student in Lynne’s class.  I completed my RYT 200 hours in June 2015 and wanted to explore Yin yoga on a deeper level so that I could start to teach Yin.  This training was exactly what I needed.  Lynne is wonderful person and an amazing teacher!  She shares so many insights into practicing and teaching Yin yoga that you cannot get from merely reading a book. I would highly recommend this training to anyone who wants to enhance their personal Yin practice or start teaching Yin yoga!

– Rebecca Sept 2015 YYTT

At a time when I needed it most in my life, I took Lynne’s wonderful Yin training to deepen my understanding of this rich tradition. Yin yoga has transformed my approach to both teaching and my personal yoga practice. Lynne gave me the tools I need to share the amazing benefits of this practice with others. A truly lovely spirit, Lynne is a font of knowledge and an incredible resource for our yoga community. I look forward to taking more trainings wth her!

– Amy Sept 2015 YYTT

Lynne guides students to the Yinside.

Student is certified and ready to teach Yin Yoga

“I have to say that learning Yin yoga from Lynne was a really fun experience. My first real contact with like minded people, here in Michigan. She was thorough in her teaching and I learned a LOT!!! I would highly recommend Lynne to anyone wanting to learn to teach Yin Yoga. The group as a whole was awesome. All of the yoga we got to practice over the weekend was just the cherry on the cake.”

September 2017

Poses & Descriptions

An abbreviated description of some of the Yin Yoga Postures you will study and practice in great detail in your Yin Teacher Training. There are 26 Yin yoga postures in total.

Ankle Stretch
Opening up the tops of the feet, this posture may be very difficult, especially for men who are not used to having the toes pointed in higher heels. The stomach and Spleen meridians open up here. And practicing this posture will help you move into many of the other hip openers more easily.

Ankle Reclining
Opening up the tops of the feet, this posture may be very difficult, especially for men who are not used to having the toes pointed in higher heels. The stomach and Spleen meridians open up here. And practicing this posture will help you move into many of the other hip openers more easily.

Seal Posture
Seal Posture – This posture takes Sphinx to the next level. As you squeeze your glutes, the lower back lengthens. That allows you to lift through the front body and push down into the tops of the feet. The Stomach and Spleen meridians are stimulated on the front of the legs as well as a gentle compression of the lumbar spine.

Toe Stretch
This posture stimulates all six major lower body meridians at once. It’s harder than it appears to be, especially if you have tight feet. So move into it slowly and mindfully.

The hips move in four directions. This posture takes both hips into the outer rotation direction affecting the Gall bladder Meridians on the outer thighs. This posture will help students achieve deeper awareness of the standing postures such as Warrior II and Triangle.

Childs Pose
This posture stretches the tops of the feet, the shins, thighs and lower back. This is a great way to begin a Yin Yoga sequence!

Half Frog
Frog Pose is typically known as an inner rotation posture. When practiced in this form the extended leg gets a nice hamstring stretch, while the bent leg is in inner rotation. Kidney and liver meridians are affected on the bent leg side of the hip. Urinary Bladder on the straightened leg.

This is a very gentle backbend that anyone can use to release low back tension. A slight compression in the lumbar spine creates stimulation of the Urinary Bladder Meridians.

Half Butterfly
This is similar to Janu Sirsasana. One difference is that in a Yin Posture we try to relax all of the muscles so the stretch can reach deep into the ligament in the joint.The Urinary Bladder on the extended leg and the Gall Bladder on the bent leg are the Meridians being affected.

Dragon Fly
This posture, similar to Upavistha Konasana in Hatha Yoga, stretches the hamstrings and lower back. Each Yin Yoga posture directly affects the meridian system as well as the physical body. The energetic channel of the urinary Bladder is stimulated here.

In India people sit this way all of the time, minus the praying hands. In our country most people of any age cannot get into this posture easily. But the benefits are myriad. Lower back, hips, knees and feet are all being stretched in this position, along with many of the lower body meridian channels.

“When an instructor, teaches from the heart, the student learns from the heart. This has to be the quintessential of a learning experience. Very few teachers will persevere with this kind of energy.

Lynne Baum has a very deep personally rooted, time experienced and well traveled position in the Yin Yoga world and she stops at no boundaries to share this with her students.”

Pavel Bednarski  RYT

January 2015