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Lynne Baum began practicing yoga in 1996. Her first teacher, a 73 year old Ashtangi, was known in the yogic community as Madage, Sanskrit for Respected Mother. As a traditional Ashtangi, Madage had traveled India extensively studying Asana, Kriyas, and meditation. This, she freely shared with Lynne, providing an education of a lifetime, and the inspiration to share theses teachings with others. After three years, Lynne moved back to Michigan and began a devoted practice at Namaste Yoga in Royal Oak. Under the gentle and informed guidance of Ashtanga Guru Veronica Zador, Lynne continued to explore the multi-faceted teachings initially inspired by Madage, and within a year, completed her 200-hour teacher training certification.

Ready to share the depth of her knowledge and passion with others, Lynne opened her first yoga studio in the small, university town of Bemidji, Minnesota. She named it Moksha Yoga, which means “freedom” or “spiritual liberation.” To no surprise, the studio quickly gained a devoted following, and was an unqualified success. Four years and over 2000 yoga classes later, Lynne closed the studio and traveled to India for the first time. For three months she traveled alone on an inspired, inward journey to find her Satguru, or “true teacher.” Among the memorable and lasting highlights of this personal journey of self-discovery, Lynne was blessed by Amma in Kerala; chanted at Papa Ram Das’ Ashram in Karnatika; sang, danced and rode a camel in the deserts of Rajastan; attended the International Yoga Festival in Rishikesh; sat silent for a ten day Vipassana meditation in Dehradun; and hiked the Himalayan mountains. A degree of enlightenment from these life-changing experiences allowed Lynne to conclude that for her, the Satguru exists within.

In 2006, Lynne discovered her father was seriously ill and immediately returned home from India to care for him. A devoted daughter, who loved and adored her father, Lynne was able to “be present” on so many levels during this emotionally challenging time …a true gift that allowed her to fully process the rite of care and passing of a loved family member. Since her father’s death she has returned to India twice.


Lynne leads Yin Yoga Teacher Trainings across the U.S. and Canada, For more info see Lynne’s Yin Yoga page.
Lynne also leads transformative Yoga Retreats/ Vacations to Ireland, Costa Rica and India. For more information Events page or contact Lynne on the Contact page.