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April 22, 2015~ Earth Day Yoga:


$20-adv/$25-door – 6:30-8:30pm

Osho was known for his active meditations, not just in India but all across the globe. These meditations are fun,easy, and help alleviate stress, tension, and negativity from the body. Afterwards the body feels lighter, the mind clearer, ready to move forward into new possibilities, free of the things that hold us back.

Lynne spent a month in Osho’s main ashram in Pune, India in 2008 practicing all of Osho’s meditations. Day and night students of all ages, sizes and shapes would sit, shake, dance and move their bodies to get energy flowing again. When energy gets stuck along the channels of the body it creates a place for dis-ease and illness to manifest. How do we know energy is stuck? We feel tired, tight, uninspired. These meditations were created exactly for this reason. As we focus the mind and move the body all that is not healthy slips away.Our internal system is constantly trying to bring us to balance. Stress stops that process. These simple and very effective meditations carry stress away, open your energy system so your body can move towards physical well-being! Come and feel what it’s like to come back to balance and harmony in your body! Your mind will surely follow!

1) This workshop will begin with one hour of Yin Yoga. If you have tight hips, a sore lower back, an inflexible spine, this class is for you.

2) Next we will sit using the wall for support and hum. Yes, I said HUM! Humming meditation gently pushes toxins out so fresh energy can move through you. It’s easy and very effective.

3) Next there are simple hand movements; first a releasing movement, followed by one that brings in the healing energy.

4) Afterwards, we lay down for a nice, long Savasana to sacred music that will integrate everything you just did.

You are guaranteed to feel energized and totally clear and relaxed at the end of this workshop. There will be some drinks and snacks (including Lynne’s famous raw fudge) in the lobby afterwards!

Please Pre-Register – 248-520-1011 or email; yinyangyogastudio@gmail.com

Let’s Do This!! Namaste~ Lynne