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Yin Yoga is a deep energetic yoga practice that targets the joints of your lower body. It releases deeply held stress from the low back, hips and sacrum. The poses are held for longer periods of time to allow the stretch to reach deep into the ligaments that connect your bones together in these areas. This is where your flexibility comes from! Lynne gently guides you to your edge, where the magic of Yin can happen. The residual feelings when you leave class of spaciousness and deep relaxation guarantee better focus and less agitation in the body/mind. Yin is a counter pose for your busy, hectic life! That is why yin yoga is called “the other half of your yoga practice”.

This class is suitable for all levels and you will be guided and nurtured through every posture.

Lynne offers Yin Yoga teacher trainings and has trained many of the Yin Yoga teachers in our community.
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